Terms of use


As you book and pay for the selected programme, we provide you with the most important information about your purchase:

1. You can confirm your booking electronically on the web site www.planica-zipline.si or in writing to info@planica-zipline.si. If your booking is successful, you will receive a voucher with a QR code and an invoice to your e-mail address. The voucher contains the date and hour of the execution of the selected programme.

2. The meeting point of all participants is10 minutes before the scheduled time of your programme at the Reception of NC Planica Visitor Center.

3. If participant is late, the operator does not guarantee to perform the programme that same day, if all subsequent scheduled terms in that day are full and the execution is physically impossible.

4. Before the start of the programme, participants/s must be acquainted with basic safety rules and terms of use. For this purpose it is required to read the statement on the Rules of the use of Planica Zipline and fill out the statement with all the information requested by the operator. For minors, the statement must be filled out by an adult. If participants do not wish to fill out the statement with the requested information, they will not be allowed to participate.

5. Participant must bring a valid invoice and/or a voucher with the QR code, which enables the organizer to verify the paid programme. Participation in the programme is not allowed without appropriate confirmation!


The bellow described safety rules, information about use and restrictions apply to all participants of Planica Zipline:


Planica Zipline is constructed in accordance with the European standard SIST EN 15567-

1;2015 and is appropriate for participants above the age of 10 years (or 5  years in the event of a tandem descent). Planica Zipline users should not have any psychophysical issues related to height and the use of Planica Zipline should not in any way constitute a health risk or any other risk for them or any other person.

Minimum height of a participant at descent: 140 cm Minimum weight of user with equipment (total): 35 kg Maximum weight of user with equipment (total): 120 kg

Users under the age of 15 can take part in a descent only in the company of parents or adult guardians.

In the event of a tandem descent the following restrictions apply: Minimum height of a child for use of the children’s belt: 120 cm Maximum weight of both users with equipment (total): 120 kg

Every user must be thoroughly familiar with safety rules and restrictions before descent, which is confirmed by their signature on the statement. Minors must be acquainted with the rules of use by their parents or adults guardians, who sign the statement on their behalf.


Use of Planica Zipline is not allowed to:

1.     Person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances having a damaging impact on mental and physical fitness;

2.    Person with spine injuries;

3.    Person with elevated blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases;

4.    Pregnant women;

5.    Person with epilepsy;

6.    Person who underwent surgery in the last 6 months;

7.    Person who underwent eye surgery in the last 3 months;

8.     Physically disabled – should be warned about the possible pain – Participation only at one’s own risk

Rules of  Use

The Rules of Use of the Planica Zipline device:

1.   Every participant must be familiarised with the Rules before using the Planica Zipline device. Participants agree with and confirm this by signing the statement. Participants under 15 years of age must be familiarised with the Rules of Use by an adult person who confirms this with a signature (name and surname of the responsible person, participants and contact information are required). By signing the statement, the participants confirm that they will ride the Planica Zipline at their own risk.

2.   There are risks associated with the use of the Planica Zipline device. Thus, it is used at one’s own risk. The responsibilities of the operator are stated in Point 7.

3.   The Planica Zipline device is designed for persons older than 10 years, or older than 6 years in the case of a tandem ride, without any mental or physical issues related to heights or for whom the use of the Planica Zipline device would present health or other risks or danger. Children under 15 may ride the Planica Zipline device only accompanied by their parents or adult guardians.

4.   Participants are not allowed to carry small objects, such as jewellery, mobile phones, cameras, etc. when riding the Planica Zipline device since they may present a risk for them and other persons.

5.   Participants with long hair must tie their hair in a ponytail with a hair tie.

6.   Every participant must take part in the explanation of safety instructions comprising the theoretical and practical part. All instructions of the

trainer/instructor or organiser are binding and must be observed. In the case of violation, the participant may be requested to leave the Planica Zipline device. If the safety instructions of the instructor or organiser are not observed, the operator does not assume any related claims.

7.   The use of the Planica Zipline device is allowed only with special safety equipment provided by the operator. The safety equipment includes:

safety helmet, safety belt, handle and prescribed trolley – pulley. It is strictly forbidden to use the Planica Zipline device with any equipment not prescribed by the operator or device manufacturer. All personal safety equipment must be used in accordance with the rules of the manufacturer or operator, and must not be taken off or handed over to other persons.

8.   Participants are responsible for the damages of personal safety equipment caused by their misuse or careless handling.

9.   The Planica Zipline device operator is responsible for personal injuries within the scope of the legal provisions. The operator is held responsible for material damage and pecuniary loss only in the case of gross negligence of the organiser or persons responsible for operation.

10. The management reserves the right to demand from the persons not observing the Rules of Use to immediately leave the Planica Zipline device.

11. The management reserves the right to stop the activity due to safety and technical reasons (fire, storm, tempest, glaze ice, etc.).

12. The participants are not entitled to the refund of the admission fee, if they leave the Planica Zipline on their own accord.

13. The use of the Planica Zipline device is prohibited under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances having a damaging impact on mental and physical fitness.

14. Smoking is prohibited during the use of the Planica Zipline device or when wearing safety equipment.

15. The use of the Planica Zipline device at times other than the fixed opening hours is strictly prohibited and extremely dangerous!

16. By signing the statement, the participants allow the use of personal data filled out in the Rules for the needs of the Planica Zipline device operation.

17. The use of images and/or videos for the purposes of professional advertising is allowed only with the consent of the Planica Zipline device operator and prohibited without his authorisation.


Organizer:KS SKUPINA d.o.o.,Pot na Bistriško planino 10, 4290 Tržič, SI61547484, person responsible: Andraž Koren


These general terms and instructions form a component part of the contract or referral/voucher, concluded between KS SKUPINA d.o.o. (hereinafter also KS) and the client.

General terms apply only to the services organized by KS, except insofar as it is expressly stated that they also apply to the sale of services of other organizers.If special terms of business or an individual programme regarding any item of these general terms and instructions provide otherwise, the statement or the provision set forth in the programme shall apply.In case of phone sale or sale by internet it is considered that the client accepted the provisions of these General terms and conditions of business, when he ordered and confirmed the execution of KS services by phone or via internet by e-mail. Theclient may also be informed of the provisions of general terms and instructions on the website, where they are specifically indicated and generally accessible.

A client is any person, who executed a valid booking or purchased and paid for the services to the company Koren Sports d.o.o., and to whom these General terms and conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements apply.


Client is entitled to cancel the service. If the client cancels the service, KS is entitled to the reimbursement of costs due to the cancellation of services. The amount of the reimbursement to the client depends on the period in which the client submitted the cancellation, which must be made in writing. If the client cancels the service, he or she shall be obliged, in any case, to refund administrative costs to KS in the amount of 4% of the paid service. The amount of refund related to the cancellation of services depends on

the period before the day of the execution of service, in which the client submitted his cancellation or in any other way cancelled the descent with Planica Zipline:

• 45 to 30 days before the day of the service- 90% reimbursement of the price

• 29 to 22 days before the day of the service – 80% reimbursement of the price

• 21 to 15 days before the day of the service -70% reimbursement of the price

• 14 to 8 days before the day of the service – 50% reimbursement of the price

• 7 to 1 days before the day of the service-20% reimbursement of the price

 Cancellation on the day of the descent or failure to participate without cancellation – no reimbursement of the price of service

To cancel the service the client must send an e-mail to info@planica-zipline.si. Date of cancellation is the date of the receipt of e-mail.


In accordance with the valid legislation, KS reserves the right to cancel or change the execution of the programme.

KS reserves the right to completely or partially withdraw from the contract in case of extraordinary circumstances, which could not have been expected, eliminated or avoided before or during the implementation of the programme, and to KS such circumstances present a valid reason not to conclude the contract, if they existed at the moment of the conclusion of the contract.

KS may cancel the programme or resign from the programme and demand reimbursement of costs from the client, who directly violates provisions of the contract concluded with KS, in particular if it was established that the client intentionally provided wrong information about the number of participants or their age, or if changes occurred during the programme and the client failed to notify KS.

KS cannot assume any responsibility for changes to the programme in case of force majeure events. In such cases KS can provide participants with services in an altered

form, according to the existing possibilities.If KS cancels the execution of service, the client is entitled to full reimbursement

of the paid price for the ordered service.


Services are charged in accordance with the existing quotation confirmed by the client. The client shall be obliged to notify any change in the number of participants as opposed to the confirmed quotation and state the final number of participants within 48 hours at the latest.

If the number of participants participating in the programme is smaller as opposed to the information provided in the confirmed quotation, the settlement of accounts is executed in accordance with the confirmed quotation, and the client is not entitled to any

reimbursement of costs arising from the difference in the number of actual participants. If there are more participants than agreed in the original quotation, KS can charge

additional costs or can withdraw from the contract, if he cannot ensure appropriate safety, which originates from the nature of the activity in question.


When issued, all gift certificates have a certain value and validity. If validity of a certain certificate expires, it must be extended by the issuer, who will give you a new code to redeem the credit relating to the gift certificate in question.

Validity of the gift certificate expires in the following cases:

–  For properly performed bookings by means of a gift certificate, where participants failed to appear at the meeting point for the selected date and time;

–  If a user changed his mind just before the intended descent.

In no case can the gift certificate be exchanged for cash refund.